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stanwebber wrote on 2023-02-25, 15:45:

i have cmake, mingw and vs2005 build environments that can target win98, but compiling even the oldest ver 1 build of fluidsynth i could find on sourceforge was a no-go. it would require fairly recent build tools manipulated to target win98 which i don't know is even possible anymore.

until recently, there weren't even winxp or non-sse2 precompiled binaries of any fluidsynth builds. a little bird had to go and request them.

With the glib libraries I link to in the previous post, I could successfully use the fluidsynth library that is provided with DosboxECE. It may just be a targeted build for libglib that is needed.

I've done a little more playing around with it too. DirectDraw and OpenGL don't seem to work for me, just surface render. MT-32 and Fluidsynth both work using the older glib.

Edit: This post is referencing using DosboxECE on Windows 98 Second Edition.

Reply 1521 of 1521, by stanwebber

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fluidsynth is a black, black hole. i just wasted another afternoon trying to get v1.1.2/11 to compile under mingw and vs2005. for starters, glib-2.16 is the minimum required version which is too new for win98. that's not so much a problem as the dsound.h header it wants. i've tried both directx 8 & 9 sdk headers modified for mingw, but apparently they're not new enough or who knows. for a solely command-line utility, fluidsynth has some asinine requirements.

dosbox ece actually compiles just fine for win98 without fluidsynth. i think i got it successfully built under mingw with all the remaining patches intact. attached is a binary for anyone who wants to investigate. it's useless to me unless it has some form of gm wavetable patch.