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This has been mentioned several years ago but never was addressed.

It is also mentioned here:

And a handful of other forums.

Essentially, the game claims no netbios driver is detected. This is despite:
ipx=true (in conf)
ipxnet startserver (run before game)
netbios (run before game)

This same netbios works fine in other games I have tested it with including
Magic Carpet Plus
Syndicate Plus
Empire Deluxe
Empire II: The Art of War

This would suggest that the game is looking for something very specific in regards to how netbios is being reported. Figured 'd report it here.

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I actually played this on original hardware waaay back in the day. I'm about 85% sure we got lan working (was a long time ago). There is a small chance we only got Null modem working. I did get null modem working in dosbox but it is slow and only allows two players. I would be very interested in getting this working over lan. Such a fun game. II would love to play this with my Dad and Brother over lan, but alas I tried everything I could to get it work even finding old versions of netbios and spinning up dos instances.

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Before the game checks NETBIOS it checks for a network, a seemingly unusual extra step. It is actually the network check that fails, so the error message about NETBIOS is misleading. The attached workaround program will satisfy the network check; just run it in DOSBox before starting the game.

A patch is being considered to support the network check in DOSBox when ipx=true, but there is a concern that it could cause issues to indicate the presence of a network when there really is none.


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