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I recently got the physical 3.5 floppies for Fighter Bomber (aka Strike Aces) as this seemed the only way to get all the missions.

I have been able to copy the contents off the disks and run them from the HD with Dosbox , however a weird thin happened that i cant explain - when i first did this and played the game at the bottom of the main menu was a button to select "Practice" or "Tournament" in practice mode all the game missions are playable, all the locked menus open up, whereas in tournament they must be completed in order.

I just went back to the game today, but now that button is missing, i cant select practice mode (I can play those missions from the usermissions folder fortunately) but that main menu button has disappeared

how is this possible?

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I have both USA/European versions of this game and never encountered that issue. I finished the Euro version (fighting against many major bugs) and now I'm stuck in the Advanced Mission Disk (same issues). If you intend to play and find any problem, ask me.