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aaron158 wrote on 2023-10-25, 20:51:

Can someone put this dell utility up

https://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?fil … &menustate=61,0

SVCTAG diskette version A28
Release date: 22-November-2005

What does this utility do?
This utility is used to re-program the system service tag on certain
Dell Portable systems. The utility may only work on systems which
already have a service tag programmed. If no service tag currently
exists, the utility may return an error message and fail.

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Added the ari-service bios files for older AST machines from archive, hope it works ok. http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?file … 6&menustate=0,0

Hate posting a reply and then have to edit it because it made no sense 😁 First computer was an IBM 3270 workstation with CGA monitor.

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Hi all,
I noticed that there is no link to the Windows 98 USB storage driver (or maybe I missed it), maybe worth to add it to the library ?

The nusb driver does not handle properly non-US-english Windows, and the result is a bit ackward with a mix of english and non-english. I found this one that works well in this case: http://www.megalab.it/3256/megalab-it-generic … -storage-driver .

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This also might be relevant for NUSB on non-English Windows:
https://cloakedthargoid.wordpress.com/nusb-wi … 8-language-fix/

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