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Recently I found some fun project:


The two is basically the same the least with more modems. It's like having a little R&R dialup setup where you are your own ISP sounds fun.

Definitely a future project for me to build cause I loved the sound of the dialup modems dialing in every day to surf the web 😀

I wonder if someone built this or something like this.

The only 2 things which bothers me in his setup:

-Depends on the ISP-side modems used; the hardware used in this guide can only reach a maximum of 33.6k. Also somewhere he noted that he even needed lower speed due to stability issues I would like to have a nice 56k
-He is using 2 port Linksys PAP2T well I'm sure there are better options for ATAs with multiple ports. Dialup and all this is a dead technology even enterprise grade ATAs should be dirt cheap Today.

Obviously you need 2x ports per 1 single client as the circuit is established between modem->ata port1 -> ata port2 -> modem2

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I stumbled across a setup like this in a YouTube video not long ago (CRT Dude maybe?) and bought a PAP2T right away. 😀
Haven't set up the Linux server yet.

You gotta make sure you get an 'unlocked' one though. Mine was locked to Vonage and I had to desolder the flash chip and put an older firmware on to unlock it. It wasn't possible to set it up to dial the other port without it being unlocked as the administrator account couldn't be signed into.

EDIT: I meant Cathode Ray Dude. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGFIEF6siIE

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annoyingly I had access to free ATA's few years back when a restaurant upgraded their credit card machines.
Few years later either here or on youtube saw someone setting up a PSTN and thought bugger!

It's lower down on my todo list. but would be nice for my Netcomm 2400
(mine's dark blue and doesn't have the switches on front)


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Yeah that's why I opened this topic I don't want to rush with this project.
There is this Siemens Octopus later they renamed to UNIFY series of PBXes:

https://www.phone-distribution.de/?language=e … 0-g654-new.html

You can get them dirt cheap like 50 EUR or lower so why would you bother going with those ATAs and asterisk. I even had one but back then I didn't see the use of it and gave it away.

I think these can connect hard lines directly but maybe someone who can read German tells me the smart on this one 😁

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I got an old British Telecom PBX about 10 years ago for free. Think it has 16 or 32 ports on it. Been meaning to connect it together with 10 nice USrobotics 56K External modems i have. They were 1 pound each. Never got round to it though. Think from my research the fastest I could get was 33Kbps.

On that note, Years ago someone told me that for 56Kbps operation there can only be "one digital to analog conversion". This sounded suspect to me, because surely you need the reverse at the other end. Are the modem racks at ISP special some how? Always wondered if you could take 2 56Kbps modems and connect them though a phone line and get 56Kbps. Back it the olden days I could only get 33 out of them when dialing my ISP anyway.

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