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Can we make a list of mice that have backward compatibility with older protocols when using adapters? I looked around online but didn't really find anything like this.

Please make a special note if:

  • The mouse is still available to purchase new, please include a link to it.
  • Only a specific version is known to work.
  • There are any known quirks (doesn't work in DOS with cutemouse, etc.).

Feel free to also mention mice that you know do NOT work with adapters.

USB Mice that DO work with PS/2 adapters:

Logitech Optical Mouse (Original blue one from ~2000)
Logitech MX500
Logitech MX518 (Original one from early\mid 2000s)

USB Mice that DON'T work with PS/2 adapters:

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Now for some blitting from the back buffer.

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Logitech MX400 laser mouse, from around 2007 iirc. Works with everything I've tried, used it with my retro machines for ages. It also seems completely insensitive to what surface you use it on, unlike most old optical mice.

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USB Mice that DO work with PS/2 adapters:

- Microsoft IntelliMouse "Classic" (balled - not produced anymore)
- Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical (not produced anymore)
- Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 (not produced anymore)
- Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse (produced 2021)

USB Mice that DON'T work with PS/2 adapters:

- Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500
- Logitech M-U0017

See also:

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