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Reply 760 of 766, by DosFreak

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Save Load screen shows 5d 11h 57m
Played on hardest difficulty except for space battles
Used Steamless to remove the Steam DRM

Did all Main, Faction, Misc and activities.
Did a couple of missions but it's all the same so stopped doing those.
Did not do any companion quests since I went through half of the game with Vasco and half with Barrett and barrets quest never continued.
Ship buying, upgrading or building and Outpost building aren't really necessary but good time wasters if you want. Complete the quests to get the in-game ships and you'll be good or just change difficulty to easy for the space battles if you don't have points to upgrade your ship.

The graphics are fine, nothing to complain about but there are always those who complain. It's not the new Crysis but considering the scope and scale it's fine.
Played at 3840x1600 on my 7900xtx with and without FSR2 and with and without AFMF on my 5950x and it played fine.
No crashes.

Don't bother searching all the planets or finding unknown things on those planets.
Allocate points to:
Security if you want to lockpick
Targetting if you want to board ships and take them over (see piloting)
Piloting if you want to be able to fly ships.
Starship design if you want to upgrade your ship
Planetary Habitation if you want to build outposts.
Astrophysics if you want to scan planets better (helpful for missions)
Zoology. Assign one point here to accomplish some missions
Weapon Engineering if you want to mod your weapons. All combat is incredibly easy so don't waste points on this one
Spacesuit design. This can be helpful for Rank 1 or 2 to mod your spacesuit.
Surveying. Rank or 2 to see more with your scanner
Research methods. Max this out if you want to mod or create items
Boost pack use rank 1 or 2
For Combat put one point in ballistics, laster, pistol, etc. Assign more if you want but money is easy to get and ammo is easy to buy
Persuasion. There are aids to to help with persuasion so you can save scum but I maxxed this out.
Leadership - Begin the game with this at Rank 1. Assign Rank 2 to have them carry more weight.
Outpost Management - Assign points if for some crazy reason you want to waste time mining resources
Physical - You may want to assign some points to Fitness.

There are a lot of them but not much to them and having to constantly go back and forth is a pain. At least with missions you don't have to go anywhere after you are done to get your money whereas with Main and Misclike on Neon it's back and forth back and forth and you can't just quick travel to where you want to go.
There are some fetch quests where you wonder why they are there all I can figure is to get you to explore a bit but they are so simplistic there could have been a better quest.

Inventory management as usual is a chore. Supposedly there are unlimited chests but I never bothered. Get a ship with high cargo capacity. Create an outpost with a room just for chests and a room where you can fill up the room with dropped items. The ability to sell or recycle from your ship or outpost would be nice.
There are bugs. If a door is closed and you can't open it and you can't force someone to open it then use tcl. If you can't complete a quest because you can't mine a rock then tcl.
If a companion quest doesn't initialize then supposedly you can change affinity and whatnot but I didn't have much lukck. Make sure that Barrett, Sarah Morgan, Andreja and Sam Coe are on your crew and make sure you upgrade your leadership and you acquire a ship they can join and only have these 4 with you throughout the game.
As usual there are physics or terrain collission issues but nothing game breaking for me.
Occasionally with a bigger ship when I would exit I would get caught in the floor but re-entering the ship or fast travel would fix. If you get caught on terrain then fast travel.

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Reply 761 of 766, by DosFreak

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Beat Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty (Already beat the game before on 1/16/2021). Ended with 86 hours with the ending I felt was appropriate and then restored an older save and did the other ending.
Didn't do all of the gig grinding since that got old so a few of those are left.
I did not replay from scratch since I'm not going to replay a game I'd already played so soon mabye if it had been 5-10yrs but 2+yrs? No.
After coming back from so long I was confused why the graphics looked like shit and were so dark so realized I needed to remove the shitty film grain and the vignette (black border) so turned off the film grain and had to use a mod to get rid of the vignette. It's a crime that those are enabled.
Played well on a 7900xtx with everything maxed and RT on Ultra and FSR2 (Performance) and on a 4080 with everything maxed with DLSS (performace) with pathtracing at 3840x1600. No performance issues (except for having to use FSR2 or DLSS when using RT) or crashes.

CyberPunk 2077 still feels as hollow as it was originally if you go off script but if you stick to the main mission you're good. It's disappointing that they threw so much into this game but didn't do more with it. It seems to me that this should be one of those games you could drip feed actual content (not superficial nickel and dime corpo shit) for quite a long time but unless it's an MMO things don't work out like that. If/when a sequel happens hopefully they don't reinvent the wheel and use what they've already created.

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Reply 762 of 766, by CrazyCatman

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Listing all the games I've ever beaten would be redicules since this year I have so far beaten (and I kid you not) 92 games - it have taken me 14,523 minutes to beat them (242 hours) - but many of the games have been really short games!

I use Videogamegeek.com and howlongtobeat.com to keep track of my completed games - but I probably could also could find games in the past I've beaten which aren't registered since I didn't register those from before starting to log everything.

Howlongtobeat tells me that I have completed 415 games (356 unique - so not replays... of those registered and 22 have been expansions/DLCs) and it have taken 107 days, 1 hour, 32 minutes - and 1 second on 21 different platforms (some emulated, but most of them on original hardware). All this since 2016 I believe. I know I have beaten other games before that, some of them games I also have beaten after 2016 (Civilization II, Star Wars: Rebellion, Rome: Total War, Medieval II: Total War, The Curse of Monkey Island just to mension some).

I will not make a complete list of the 2016-2023 games as not all of them are worth playing 😉 But I could see the idea of making a list of those I enjoyed, would play again, and would recommend - but that will take some time. I actually try my very best to complete a game even if I start to find it not good - it have to be really bad for me to abandon it - Amorous and Baseball Stars 2 are games that I have abandonned because I lost interest, else I mainly only abandon games if I can't continue playing it (like a corrupted save file as I had in Ultimate Boob Wars ~BIg Breasts vs Flat Chests~ or hardware/software related issues such as reinstallments or issues that makes me loose the game completely - at least in it's current state).

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Reply 763 of 766, by gerry

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DosFreak wrote on 2023-10-29, 22:41:

CyberPunk 2077 still feels as hollow as it was originally if you go off script but if you stick to the main mission you're good. It's disappointing that they threw so much into this game but didn't do more with it.

that is disappointing, the appeal of the game was in part due to the 'world', meaning that going off script should feel as 'real' as the script. difficult to achieve at the best of times but then this game promised a lot

Reply 764 of 766, by DosFreak

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Alan Wake 2
No DRM on epic ver
Get around 60-70 fps at DLSS Quality at 3840X1600 on a 4080.
No performance issues
No crashes

Game was pretty good but since it's been 13yrs or so I don't remember much from the original except Alan Wake, his wife, the lake and using the flashlight. I get the sense I'm supposed to recognize some characters from the original but nope.
The fights were annoying. Just monsters coming at you and to break that up occasionally some that zip around. A couple of times I got so annoyed I changed the difficulty but not sure if that had any effect or not.
It seemed to me that the ending was rushed, Alan Wake is a crap writer so makes sense I guess but it did leave setup for a sequel so we'll see in another 13yrs.

Deciding between Colony Ship and Spider-Man remastered for the next game.

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Reply 765 of 766, by Bruninho

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I have just beaten Full Throttle 😜

So far since pandemic started I have beaten:

SpyCraft: The Great Game
Sam & Max: Hit The Road
Full Throttle

"Design isn't just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
JOBS, Steve.
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Reply 766 of 766, by mln

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During last few months:

Max Payne
Quake II
Soldier of Fortune
Jagged Alliance 2.5
Warcraft II BNE - in progress
Flux - in progress forever 😀

Investing time and money in completing a Win98-capable rig was worth it 😀.