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Famous computer slogans and quotes ?

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Diamond - “World leaders in Windows Acceleration”
ATI- “Perfecting the PC”


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"Hello. Now Compaq insists that I tell you about their new 386 computer which they say is the most advanced computer ever made. But they're still sticking to this cock-an-bull story about it being made out of three-hundred and eighty six chips and thirty two bits of a bus! Well frankly I this is not credible, it's an insult to your intelligence, if I were you I would not watch this commercial! (sniff)...in fact I'll switch over for you (moves to strange Oktoberfest dancing).......(pans to Compaq logo & Phone#) The new Compaq 3-8-6, chips busses, and compatibility!".
~ John Cleese

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Western Digital hard drives - "Accept only the finest"


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Intel486dx33 wrote on 2021-02-02, 15:29:
Apple Macintosh - “The Power to be your best”. […]
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Apple Macintosh - “The Power to be your best”.

This slogan is so true.
There is something about using an Apple product that gives you confidence that you have chosen the best tool for the job.
Its like a Mechanic or Construction worker or doctor choosing there tools for their occupation..

You just know you have chosen a good reliable tool when you chose an Apple.
Its like having a BIG tools box with a bunch of tiny computers in it.
And you go for the Apple. Its like using a Snap-on tool.
They are expensive but you know you have a very good tool and it gives you confidence.

Aaaah NO.

The plastic on those were made of recycled used condoms.

There's a glitch in the matrix.

Apparently 32-bit is dead and nobody likes P4s.