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Some driver sets include dummy EAX and A3D DLLs to wrap their own compatibility layer, breaking the functionality of the native card. For example, installing Creative's drivers after Aureal will overwrite the A3D.DLL, which has to be backed up and restored.

Unlike later versions of Windows NT, installers on 9x will happily clobber each other's files. This is one example of DLL hell.

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I've been happily using the Sound Blaster LIVE Audigy driver install guide on an Audigy 1 and never realized that there was an actual Audigy install guide. Next install I'll have to use this guide.

Does anyone know if you replace an Audigy 1 SB0090 in a working system with an Audigy 2 SB0240 will it work straight away or will I have to reinstall the drivers?

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Nice guide! Followed it to the letter and everything worked out just fine.
Only feedback - perhaps you could remind that in pure dos section that proper environment variables should be set. Everyone knows about BLASTER but in this case CTSYN is important as well.