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Dog wrote on 2021-02-09, 07:07:

I'm still learning, but I was using VBEVSTST.EXE

Falcosoft wrote on 2017-12-13, 02:56:

I have written a little test (VBEVSTST.EXE attached, source code included) that can be used to discover if a card is affected. After staring the program in DOS/Win9x/XP you just have to press the arrow keys.

This seemed to imply it should at least run in XP and identify if the card was affected, but I can understand x64 may have required a separate build or change to source.

x64 version of XP (like all 64-bit versions of Windows) does not contain the necessary subsystem to run native DOS executable files (NTVDM). Win9x and XP (32-bit) are just mentioned since you can run native DOS programs on them so booting to pure DOS is not necessary for testing.
You can not write/build an x64 version of the test since there is no x64 version of DOS. And this issue is only relevant for DOS programs. In x64 Windows no VESA BIOS calls are/can be used anyway so writing an x64 Windows program to test this issue does not make any sense and is not even possible..

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I didn't test such system but I expect it has only one intel video BIOS and the nvidia GPU is used through drivers in systems that supports it. It is not the same case like desktop MB where you switch separate videocards including their video BIOSes,

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