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Been testing out Crysis on Vista 64-bit. Ran into some strange behavior that doesn't appear to have been discussed online. Thought I'd document it here for reference:
- Launching the game using the 'Games Explorer' Crysis icon will launch the 64-bit exe.
- Launching the game by clicking 'Play' on the DVD launcher menu will launch the 32-bit exe (not sure if this can be corrected).
- With patch 1.2 installed (latest patch), the game refuses to launch fullscreen in Dx10 mode; it will always boot windowed. This issue does not occur in Dx9 mode and was introduced with patch 1.2; base 1.0 and patch 1.1 are unaffected and will launch properly in fullscreen in Dx10. The workaround for this on Nvidia hardware is to force vsync through the control panel. With vsync forced, the game will launch fullscreen in Dx10 mode on patch 1.2.
- Installing patch 1.2 breaks the graphical effect in which oil pools on the ground after an oil drum is pierced by a bullet. On base 1.0 and patch 1.1, the oil pools as you would expect but with patch 1.2, the oil pool decals are not aligned properly and appear to clip through the ground. I always loved this feature of the game, how the oil drains realistically, so it's a shame the latest patch breaks this.
- Helicopter rotors don't spin properly when using the 64-bit exe; the rotor blades appear to slow down intermittently rather than spin at a consistent speed. This issue does not affect the 32-bit exe.
- Anti-Aliasing causes artifacting in vegetation; with AA enabled, as you move through areas of vegetation, there are these little white specks of light that appear briefly on foliage. On occasion, the white spots are so big and bright that they look like muzzle flash from enemy weapons. This artifacting does not occur with AA disabled. It's also worth noting that the game readme mentions that AA can cause atmospheric effects to display incorrectly. The readme doesn't go into detail as to which effects are affected, but it seems like AA does not play nice with Cryengine 2.
- Texture streaming is disabled when using the 64-bit exe. MASSIVE improvement in texture quality as a result. This is mentioned in the game readme, thankfully.
- Texture streaming can be disabled when using the 32-bit exe with the 'r_TexturesStreaming' command.

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I was going through my files and noticed this which I've never tested

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