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I'm still running an original ide in my p1 and it's started the clicking noise,
So just before I say farewell is there a recommendation for drivers backup tool ? Save me the long haul of hunting them all out when I replace the HDD


Reply 1 of 5, by cyclone3d

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Well, do you have the installers for the drivers saved on that drive?

What operating system are you running?

What about imaging the current drive to a new drive?

Yamaha modified setupds and drivers
Yamaha XG repository
YMF7x4 Guide

Reply 2 of 5, by chinny22

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Yeh much easier backing up the entire drive then finding a tool to extract drivers already installed into windows. Original P1 HDD, I'm guessing the entire HDD is around the 8GB mark?
9x isn't anything fancy, you can use a image program if you wish or simply copy the entire disk to a separate disk you'll need to run the sys command on the new disk to make it bootable first.

But unless you have any rare bits of hardware drivers are pretty easy to find these days as well.

Reply 4 of 5, by zapbuzz

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- norton ghost
-powerquest disk image
-symantec disk image
a few disk imaging tools
also nuts n bolts 98 disk image

point being cloning onto another disk from a disk means no drivers lost.

.... oh spinrite 5 perfect for your disk to rejouvinate it maybe bring it back from extinction

they all come in dos floppy form maybe even create cdroms

I could make them if asked nicely 😀 ... not norton ghost don't like ghosts!