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American McGee's Alice

Import the attached registry file in the ZIP, then browse to your game's folder, open Properties of alice.exe, tick "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and confirm with OK. Afterwards, return to alice.exe's Compatibility tab and clear that checkbox. This is done to refresh compatibility settings from registry.


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Running DRM games offline

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The attached archive contains the necessary registry and updated files needed to run various games in the Blaster series on modern Windows. This is because the original installers are 16-bit and won't run on modern Windows. This way lets you bypass the installers entirely.
The readme files will tell you which files are needed from the game CDs. The CDs will only be needed for the game files; you'll be able to play the games without them afterwards.

Unless otherwise stated, these games all use Davidson's Atlas Game Engine.


Math Blaster Episode 2
Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery
Math Blaster Jr.
Mega Math Blaster
Reading Blaster: Invasion of the Word Snatchers
Reading Blaster Jr.
Reading Blaster 2000
Reading Blaster Vocabulary (Intro videos won't play, since they rely on 16-bit QuickTime 2.1.)
Science Blaster Jr.


Math Blaster Algebra (non-Atlas, but is a Win32 game)
Word Blaster (non-Atlas, but does have a Win32 executable)

Games with official Vista releases

Math Blaster Ages 9-12
Math Blaster Pre-Algebra
Reading Blaster Ages 9-12
Spelling Blaster
Math for the Real World (not really part of the Blaster series, but it does use Atlas)

Can't do; 16-bit only (all non-Atlas)

Math Blaster Episode 1 (a DOS version does exist, but I haven't come across it)
Alge-Blaster 3
Geometry Blaster

UPDATE: Added registry files for Math Blaster Episode 2 and Reading Blaster Vocabulary.


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Not sure if right spot, but applies to multiple games for me on Windows XP 32bit; if 3GB ini is set, then AMD CCC drivers will not work with DX9 games, at least with HD 3870; you will get an error in Ungine heaven about DX9 missing, STALKER SoC will freeze on launch, UT3 will give error etc. Resetting the Windows ini to default fixes the issue.