The Quest for Pixel Perfect DOS Emulation

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No luck... It doesn't matter if 640x480@85Hz is recreated, before, or after the 60Hz version. It seems to me that my copy of Windows always prefers the maximum refresh rate listed for a given resolution. If I delete 640x480@85Hz from the list of "Standard resolutions", and 60Hz is the highest refresh listed for 640x480, then I do get 640x480@60Hz in DOSBox. Of course, then I can no longer select 640x480@85Hz in other games (Quake Enhanced, Ion Fury, etc).

I'm thinking of maybe creating a custom resolution of 640x481@60Hz which is identical to DOS Mode X, except with "V Front Porch = 9" instead of 10, to compensate for "V Active = 481" instead of 480. "V Total" remains 525. Then if I want to run DOSBox in Mode X I can just hard code 640x481 into the .conf and Windows will only find one suitable entry. Is this a bad idea...???