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Just looking for some guidance please. Apologies that I am not experienced with programming so a newbie to a lot of this.

Am playing X-Wing in DOSBOX on a MacBook Air running Big Sur 11.5.2, using a Thrustmaster joystick which calibrates fine and works OK but not that sensitive in the game. Have purchased a USB Playstation type controller to see if it would be better but I cannot seem to get it to calibrate with the game.
Have tried apps such as Joystick Mapper, but it is all over the place and unusable in the game. The mouse and the keys also do not work.

Is this something that I am missing and something I can do to solve the problem?



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generallee25 wrote on 2021-09-18, 06:24:

BUMP. Surely this isn't too difficult a question, any support available?

Actually, you're in the wrong subforum, you want to be in the DOSBox subforums, I suspect. "Macintosh Emulation" is basically "for emulation OF Macintoshes", not "emulators FOR Macintoshes". I'll go ahead and move your post.

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