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I upgraded to a 4k monitor (yay!).

The DosBox window is now tiny and quite hard to read (boo!).

The settings having to do with window and font size in the config file don't seem to change anything.

Where should I be looking?

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1. Once I edited dosbox-0.74-3.conf, fullscreen=true worked. fullscreen=true is not what is desired.

Motherboard HP 550-036, 2b2c
Processor type and speed i3-4170, 3692 MHz
Amount and type of RAM 4GB DDR3 SDRAM PC3-12800
Video board w/ RAM amount and type Intel HD graphics 4400
Sound board "Intel 8 Series HD Audio" rev 0x05: msi
Operating system OpenBSD 7.0-current (GENERIC.MP) #54: Tue Oct 26 10:38:00 MDT 2021
Game name (and version, if applicable) RapidFile 1.2
Description of problem On 4KUHD monitor, DosBox window is small to the point of being illegible unless fullscreen=true is used
Reproducibility of problem always
Sound mode used N/A
Video mode (Software, OpenGL, Direct3D, or Glide, and resolution)
Version of emulator 0.58+
Steps already attempted to solve the problem: edited scaler, fullscreen, fullresolution, output in dosbox-0.74-3.conf.