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After searching all over the place for an old version of Synergy that would work on both Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows 98 I finally gave up. I found a version 1.3.7 that would install on both OSes (Windows98 Using KernelEX) and they would even connect to each other, but as soon as I'd move the mouse to the other screen it would crash the Synergy program on Windows 98. I'm pretty sure, but not positive that it has something to do with the MSVCP100.dll not being compiled for the target machine, since I had to snag a copy from the net because it wasn't a part of the install. Anyway, if someone is interested and wants to collaborate on getting this scenario working, let me know.

My reason for posting is two fold. First, I'd like to share a solution I found which is pretty darn sweet and works VERY well. In fact I am blown away at how seamless and smooth this works. So long story a little shorter, on the Windows 98 you want to run TightVNC Server 1.3.10 (Last version to support Win98). On the Windows 7 side you want to run Win2VNC 1.4.3 (1.5.0 would probably work but it was the last and only version in that series and I don't believe in running anything unless it has at least a .1 rev). With this setup, you can use a single keyboard/mouse on the Win 7 machine and control both machines.

My second reason for posting is to ask if anyone has or remembers other software out around the Windows 98/xp timeframe that supports the above scenario? I looked into Multiplicity and several other alternatives I came across with Google, but nothing that supported Windows 98. At this point I'm pretty pleased with the TightVNC / Win2VNC combo but always like to have options. I'd also be interested in a Synergy 1.3.1 (64-bit) version if someone has that. The 32-bit version refuses to run on Win7-64.

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I bumping this up because I was just looking for a solution for a similar situation. Once you have 3-4 pcs and 1 single desk having so many keyboards and mouses being a pain in the ass.
I was not looking for a full KVM solution because for the monitors I can easily switch the inputs I was also looking for a SOFTWARE solution instead of a HARDWARE.

My setup is:
Razer VIPR wireless gaming mouse + keyboard

Box1: Debian 9 Stretch
Box2: Windows 7 64bit
Box3: WinXPSP3
Box4: Win98SE

Synergy went commercial older versions can be found on the net, different versions are incompatible with each other. The company still provides Win7 package for request if you buy the software but anything prior forget about it.

There is the next one Barrier. It's a free fork of Synergy, the 2 is incompatible and to make things worse you need similar versions on the hosts. As far as I know this doesn't even support Windows XP or anything older and they are not interested in developing it either. At least this is a solution between Debian9<>Win7 to do the thing, for gaming not the best tho.

I have found another tool called Input Director. Now this will work between Win7 <> XP (XP needs an older version, they are still compatible) but there is a noticeable input lag with the mouse so not too good for gaming.

Any other software or hardware ideas are welcome.

Probably when it comes to retro nothing will ever beat hardware cause when you run a plethora of old systems like old Linuxes, Solaris, Novell, DOS, Win3.x, Win9X, WinXP there is no common software solution which will work across all, as I have showed the software I found hardly works on some of them.

With hardware solution as long as you go with PS2 mouse + PS2 keyboard for all PCs and as an input the same wired there are plenty of products however I think finding KVMs which can take USB input mouse and keyboard and push it out to ps2 is more challanging and finding some KVM where I can plug in the wireless dongle of my Razr viper gaming mouse and keyboard and it pushes it out to PS2 is just non existent...

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VNC is what was used back when Win9x was currant so defiantly a good option.
PC anywhere was also big back in the day but died out during XP's lifetime so not sure how computable it is with Win7. I'm also not sure what versions added/dropped support for OS's

Both are fine for basic tasks but not for things with high refresh rates.
Best/safest bet then is a PS2 KVM, but if you don't have to attach the monitor cable if you don't want. Typically you only need the keyboard cable attached for it to register on the KVM that a PC is using that port.