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Does the "Creative Music Synth [220]" MIDI driver on a SoundBlaster 16 sound any different than Yamaha YMF-7xx's "OPL-3 SA FM MIDI device" when playing back a MIDI file?

I would think that any software/games that address the FM synth directly should sound the same since both cards have a "real" OPL3 (in the asic, but still). However I'm unclear on what happens when MIDI playback happens (in Windows) through the card's appropriate MIDI driver. It would seem that it is the driver's job to convert the general midi instruments/commands into an approximation of what those instruments sound like in OPL3 commands, so do the Creative and Yamaha drivers do this process in the same way and therefore sound the same?

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I would like an authoritative source to backup my assertion that the Win9x SB16 MIDI driver used Voyetra patches, whereas Yamaha used Fatman patches.

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