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I have a PNY FX5200 that does not reinitialize on a warm reboot. I am running it in an Asus P2B-F currently with a 600MHz PIII with 100MHz fsb and a 66MHz AGP bus. On a warm reboot the system just hangs. I don't have the post code in front of me, but it is waiting for the graphics card to initialize and it never does. On a cold boot everything works perfectly fine, including making it through a 3DMark99 benchmark or playing games, so the card and configuration seem stable. I am running the 45.23 drivers if it makes any difference.

My GeForce MX440 works fine in this system, and my FX5200 works fine in my other rig with a Asus P3B-F and 850MHz/100 PIII. So it would seem that all components work fine in other configurations, it's just the P2B-F and the FX5200 that don't want to play nice together.

Any idea what might be going on or how to fix this?

Tried a different power supply -- No change

Also I recapped the GX5200 to fix it's bulging caps -- No change