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I just recently got a Roland MPU 401 AT and have a couple of questions since I was not able to find a manual for it.

- Is it an MPU-401 intelligent mode device to connect a MT-32, SC-55 etc.?
- Or can it produce midi sound without any other external devices?
- What are the I/O options good for (Headphone jack, Minicircular connector (2), Stereo out jack (2) )?

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The "user manual" of the 401AT is just a page explaining the jumper settings so you are not missing much as they are already silkscreened on the pcb
- the 401AT is an "intelligent mode" interface so it will have no issues driving a mt-32 or whatever you throw at it
- it does not have any kind of synth or sound-producing capabilities, you need to use a midi daughterboard or an external synth to get sound output
- headphone and RCA jacks only work when you have a midi daughterboard installed - they are self explanatory: an amplified jack for headphones and line-out RCA connectors
- the minicircular connectors are the MIDI OUT and MIDI IN ports, you need adapter cables to get them to standard sized jacks

hope this helps!

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