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I'm planning on building a XP gaming system, for those games that just didn't quite make the jump to Win 7.

So far I'm thinking based on research that I7-47XX processor, 4GB RAM and Geforce GTX 260 for my video card.

GTX 260 does PhyX and the 47XX with the appropriate chipset will have Windows XP native drivers.

So, to pair with it I want to get the best sound card for EAX but I know this was around the time where sound cards transitioned from actual devices to basic software codecs and Direct3D audio disappeared.

What should I be looking for?

P3 Slot 1 - 512MB PC100 - 128GB SSD - RADEON 9200 SE , SB Awe64 ISA - GOTEK MOD

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The Sound Blaster X-Fi was the last great Sound Blaster card for XP and the pinnacle of what Creative was able to achieve with audio hardware and EAX. It is what I use in my XP retro build. As for GPUs, the mid-range Nvidia 900-series is the most recent Nvidia GPU that supports XP in official drivers and has all the features you'd need for the full range of XP games using 3D acceleration, but it's very hard to get a hold of one due to the GPU shortage/mining problem.