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I tried different filters with the "forced" argument and "aspect" true and false but whenever I start an EGA game there's no filtering going on.
I've tried two different DosBox versions but that didn't help, I tried surface and opengl but no luck either.
When I start a VGA game everything is fine (filtered correctly) but not for EGA (640x350) games.

Is that normal? Is there a way to get filtering for those games? They rely heavily on dithering and I wanted to see how that look with a more blurry filter.

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I guess you mean "scaler" rather than "filter". The dithered EGA modes that you seem to be interested in actually have a 640x200 pixel resolution that is line-doubled to 400 lines. On a real system the line-doubling is done by stretching in the video display, but DOSBox uses an internal double-height scaler that supersedes any scaler selected by the user. The situation exists on any mode that is normal width but double height, 640x200 being the most common case, although it may be improved at some point. However, scalers should work on 640x350 resolution because it is normal height.

Note that current SVN builds of DOSBox support OpenGL shaders that work regardless of scaler behavior, which you may find useful for your purpose.