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Just some tips for anyone having trouble with the Ensoniq Audio PCI (1370 varient) to work in DOS 6.22

For Win 98, the installation is easy. If you can find the Windows 95 driver for the 1370 card, it install no problem in windows 98. Get the driver here: https://archive.org/details/soundcarddriversensoniqES370PCI

For DOS however, you need to use the windows 3.1 installer. The one from the Vogons database would not work. However if you download apiwiz31 from here:http://www.dosdays.co.uk/media/ensoniq/AudioP … 70/apiwiz31.zip
In order for this to work I had to copy a Windows 3.1 folder I installed in Dosbox over to my DOS HDD. I opened win 3.1, used the "run" command and ran the installer. Sure enough it worked great.

Ensure you do this in BIOS:
Make the PCI slot the card is installed in, set to IRQ 10 in the BIOS.
Make sure IRQ 5 & 7 are Legacy ISA as well as DMA 0, 1, 3 and 5.

I found this card worked very well with almost any DOS game I played. The OPL 2/3 games obviously had bad /poor FM synth emulation, however the sound quality for sound effects was good and it almost always used its Gen midi wave table when I selected Roland for sound in games that didn't support General Midi.
I have a Resound adlib clone I use when I want to play OPL games. I just configure my config sys menu to give me the option load DOS without the Ensoniq batch file running in the Autoexec.bat. Some games just prefer OPL cards like the SB16 and don't work well regardless. (See Black Thorne). But it's a trade off for me. I must say though, through all my trials and errors, the 8 dollar PCI ES1370 has worked and sounded the best for me in Windows and DOS.

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