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Hello! I hope this is the right subforum for this. In my Super Socket 7 PC, I have a Yamaha Audician 32 Plus and a Serdaco DreamBlaster X2GS. I tried playing Descent and when the digital sound card (my Yamaha Audician 32 Plus) was used, the motherboard speaker outputted a persistent beep. Since experiencing this, I routed the motherboard speaker audio to the Yamaha Audician 32 Plus using four-pin jumper wires. By doing that, I can hear the audio from games that only use the motherboard speaker with my headphones. Well, hopefully, anyway. The card is jumpered to use the card's amplifier right now. My current mixer is not amplified and I cannot hear the motherboard speaker through my Roland MA-12C speakers. I can hear the motherboard speaker through my headphones (in mono) and while it's faint, I heard the persistent beep while playing Descent again. Would anyone know why I hear this beep and if there is any way to get rid of it outside of not using the motherboard speaker? I would appreciate any assistance in this matter. Thank you very much.

Edit: When this persistent beep occurs, the status LED on my case blinks. My motherboard is an Asus P5A.

Edit 2: The screenshot in my attachment is from the Gigabyte website and it indicates that it might be a memory error. Did I pick the license correctly for a screenshot from another website?

Edit 3: I found the issue to the problem! The YouTube video "One Long Continuous Beep Code Finally Solved - PC Computer Troubleshoot" by HealMyTech indicated that it might've been fan monitoring. I disabled case fan monitoring and this issue went away. A Molex to 4 x 3/4-Pin fan adapter got lost during shipment from Amazon, so I have my four case fans in two headers using Noctua Y-adapters. That's probably for the better.