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Anyone go this to work? I tired the i740 drivers and after running the DOS setup program it installed a load of "CHIPS #### x ####" drivers. But these don't work with the 815 chipset. I have a video bios tool so I could flash the bios to a different version, but I didn't want to do this as it' not an i740 card, it's built into the chipset.

Iny thoughts on how to get win 3.1 running @ 1024x768 x 256 or above?

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Try this

https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/460 … 1?product=81532

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I can confirm that these driver do work very well. One exception: Dos-Fullscreen and back to Win31-Desktop leads to a freeze. So only use "Dos-Windows" on your 3.1x Desktop.

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