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If I have a game or music that is causing MUNTs output to clip (And I very nearly have one), what's the best way to resolve that in terms of maintaining as close to hardware fidelity as possible?

edit: Correction - One of Ultima Underworld's tracks does cause MUNTs output to clip. It's not audible, but Audacity shows the red bar of failure.

I can imagine turning down Master Volume a bit, but I could see that causing issues, especially with old MT-32 games that abuse bugs like Dune 2.

Does the balance between Output and Reverb remain correct if both are adjusted equally? Say dialing both back to 0.95 for instance.

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I am not entirely sure what you want to achieve, but if you want to avoid overdrive distortion of the output signal, then your best friend is the Master Volume knob. The output gain is applied in the emulation of the analogue path, thus it won't help anyhow if the input signal is already distorted during mixing.

Another viable option to reduce distortions as much as possible would be to work with floating point samples. See the "Rendered Type" property. When "DAC Emulation Mode" is set to "High quality", the floating point signal is mixed without distortion, but potentially with some overshoot in case the volume is too high - in this configuration lowering the output gain will surely help.