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DOSBox-X: game music in background?

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Hi! I have and use both DOSBox and DOSBox-X. Now, I have a game for it called Boppin'. Boppin' is fun and has the option to play its in-game music without actually playing the game. The music is different than normal game music. Now, I want to play this music in the background while doing my computer work. However, when I do that, the music skips. This does not occur in the foreground, and my computer is pretty recent. I assume the emulator is not getting enough CPU time for the emulation. The game is a protected mode game, and I use the emulator's default settings. Is there a particular setting that will eliminate this?

Joseph Rose, a.k.a. Harry Potter
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Please ask DOSBox-x questions in the DOSBox-x thread or their issues page.

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