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Is there any documentation on how official SLIP drivers are expected to operate?

The same thing about IPX drivers. Is there any documentation on the I/O (interrupt numbers and their behaviour) wrt IPX network card drivers?

I'm thinking of perhaps creating a little SLIP-based MS-DOS driver to interface IPX over SLIP (the first valid (in other words with FFFFh checksum) packet received gives the assigned IPX node and network number in it's destination address fields, expected by the driver).

I know there's DOSPPP 0.6, but I don't know if it's new enough and supports IPX over PPP? And I'll need a way to verify my SLIP server IPX connection somehow (UniPCemu's current build supports the above).

Edit: Hmmm...
https://github.com/fragglet/crynwr_mirror/blo … main/ipxpkt.asm
slip8250.asm redirects to slipmerg.asm: https://github.com/fragglet/crynwr_mirror/blo … in/slipmerg.asm (only defining ETHERSLIP).

Perhaps using slip8250 in ethernet mode (ETHERSLIP equ 1 in the slip8250.asm)...
Perhaps then make slip8250 provide ethernet SLIP packets and putting them raw on the wire (so basically sending/receiving IPX packets instead of IPv4 packets)?
And identifying itself as a IPX driver instead of IPv4 driver?

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