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I just received an Hercules/CGA video card based on the Yamaha V6363 (see pictures).

I am curious about the roles of the jumper labelled JP2 (open on my card) and the 2 positions jumper labelled SW1 ("switch 1"?), currently in position 2-3, in the upper right corner.

Any idea? I could not find any documentation specific to my card online. The card board layout is very similar to the Tulip DGA (see : https://www.tulipgv.nl/download/DGA.pdf ) except that I do not have the physical switch.

The SW1 on my card seems to match the JP1 on the Tulip card. In the documentation it says position 1-2 is for "Composiet" and 2-3 is for "Monochroom/Kleur (Standaard fabrieksinstelling".

What is the purpose of being able to switch between composite and monochrome/color?

For JP2 according to the doc it is supposed to be connected to the computer mobo ? What is the reason for that?

Thank you.


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