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Just linking my announcement on VCF here for visibility.

https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/win … r-8088.1245597/

MartyPC: A cycle-accurate IBM PC/XT emulator | https://github.com/dbalsom/martypc

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So, original drivers for both EGA and VGA use 186+ instructions...
in this case I expect the 8514/A driver to do that as well...

I was recently thinking about running 8514/A with 8088 - Re: Should a Diamond Speedstar Pro (CL-GD5426) work in Win3.1 in 286 real-mode?
but it seems the driver would require patching...
anyway, first thing to do is check whether ATI mach8 (or some other 8514/A clone) actually works with 8-bit ISA.

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Thank you! The patch is very handy for owners of Amstrad/Schneider PC1640, for example.
That's an 8086 PC with integrated EGA graphics.

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