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Hi everyone, Im currently looking at an old Dell machine (433/L) and found an old barrel battery mantled with tape. Opening the tape revealed a stack of 3 GPA76 (LR44) coin cells. Is this the "original solution" Dell came up with? Im wondering because the connector on the board was corroded and turned green on an otherwise good looking board. What would be the best replacement ? Just get another stack of LR41? Or is there an alternative solution?

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Looks like a diy implementation to me.

Common aftermarket solution to dead cmos battery was 3 AA batteries in a holder.

basically this, on the IDC/DuPont 4 pin connector.

https://www.walmart.com/ip/3-x-AA-Battery-Hol … -4-5V/774203257

Yours looks like what a bench monkey might cook up with spares on hand, and some shrink tubing.

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Something bigger capacity might be done with half an energiser 9V, if you pop the top of those off, there's 6 almost AAAA cells in there (they seem 2mm shorter than official AAAA) ... so then if you could split the casing cleanly, and halve the pads that connect them, bend the edges in, solder leads and shrinkwrap that, would be quite a tidy package....

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