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I moved from Windows to Linux and was trying to setup "shortcuts" like I had in Windows. I am trying to run all my games via menu items in Gnome on Debian 4 (Etch).

The version of DosBox is version 0.65 and basically I am trying to figure out how to run it from the command line where the dosbox.conf is in the game directory. An example is Lemmings... the game files exist in /home/mneedham/classics/lemmings/ where we want to run vgalemmi.exe and load the dosbox.conf in that directory.

Help would be appreciated.



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  1. You really should upgrade to 0.72
  2. You can start DOSBox with a -conf option to select a specific configuration file:
    dosbox -conf ~/classics/lemmings/dosbox.conf \
  3. You can also try one of the excellent frontends like DBGL.

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alterntively you can set the working directory to the game you want to play and have everything in that configfile located there.
DOSBox searches in the working directory for a configfile

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