Terminator Skynet problem

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there is not much what you can do.
i play it also with mostly default settings and it runs quite stable.

you can try my skynet.exe (hope its ok to upload it) if you want and see if it makes some difference.
but make a backup of your original exe first and patch the game to 1.01.

using the latest dosbox CVS is also a good start, because of the fixed installer probs...

btw, what version of skynet did you use, the original CD or a cracked one?


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Unbelievable! What did you do the game's original .exe? it seemed exactly just like mine but worked straight ahead! Thank you very much! 😁

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had an interesting thought, what would it take to greate a new frontend exe to run the game in a windows environment, kinda like the jfduke3 project, that actually got me back into duke3d with a quickness. why cant the same be done for future shock and skynet?

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Source code for starters.

DOSBox Compilation Guides
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Running DRM games offline

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Here's some info: I did finished Future Shock, and I'm very far into Skynet in SVGA mode. I have the CD of both games, did a normal installation (the Skynet installation did recognized Future Shock).

After that, I copied the above .exe file, copied all data from the Skynet CD to my HD, and ran the game. The games work with the videos, and in SVGA mode.

One thing that seemed to make the games WAY stable was configure it to use normal Sound Blaster (NOT SB 16, nor AWE32). Also, I'm using the latest Dos Box SVC (25 Fev 2009).

BTW, sorry for reviving this thread, but I thought this was usefull information.

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I just discovered SysGod's attachment. That Skynet EXE works perfectly for me. With the executable from my copy of the game, it would lock up or crash within a minute, without fail, in SVGA mode. Patched or not. Now it just runs fine. Very strange.

Thanks Sysgod for your magic exe.

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I've just completed Bethesda's Terminator Skynet game, twice in fact, in 640x480 mode using DOSBox 0.73. (I cheated a lot using the "superuzi cheat", hehe.) I think I had about 6 crashes in total, which isn't bad! I am using a big box retail CD-ROM (bought from USA), version 1.00 (516) - 10/31/96, and not patched with anything.

I tried the same CD-ROM in a retro rig, with pure DOS 7, in 640x480 mode, and as previously reported in this thread, I noticed it was unstable. Also, running the game in Win98SE made it stable.

I enjoyed this humorous youtube review of the game -


The same youtube user has a "video walkthrough" of the game, starting here -


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HunterZ wrote:

I never trusted Skynet's SVGA mode - it blew out my monitor on real hardware 10-12 years ago (PII-450, nVidia TNT1 16MB AGP)

That's hilarious but sad news. It didn't kill any S3 Trio i've ever used.