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Reply 20 of 24, by skaarj0

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Allright, I could not find this question in the FAQ.

Does the DosBox (or is there any dos emulator) that gives free access to the inside PCI and ISA ports?

I wish to connect an old TU-45 Tape Drive to a big controller called a 'pertec mcs-1 board' that fits into the ISA port. I have the drivers for MsDos. Now... if I load the drivers into the config.sys from DosBox (or other emulators) does it work with the real ISA and PCI ports? or... does the DosBox provide only virtual PCI and ISA ports?

Reply 23 of 24, by wilf4

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It looked as though DosBox would be of great value to me.
Getting it to do what I wanted presented a problem.
I opened the README file.
It started with FAQs.
None of the questions was about my query, so I closed the file.

Now, I do realise that there is more information there, but don't find it as simple to follow as most software user manuals.

Perhaps another approach to the style may be worthwhile?

(And yes, DosBox does indeed seem to be the answer to my needs.
Just a very odd thing with it, but still working on that!)


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