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i have a problem with the coolest game programming studio for dos. (and even windows!)
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Games-Studio-FREE-gam … i/dp/B000066BQ6

the sound engine shuts down after a while when playing a game. (sometimes it works
for some minutes)
it returns when i set to another resolution.

tokenkai is a free game which comes with games studio.
i've uploaded it here:
http://ul.to/sjx9ke ~4MB

i want to program a little bit with div games studio 2 but it makes no fun when
the sound dissappears after a while. i think i tried every soundcard configuration
which is possible in dosbox.

this bug happens only with games in higher resolutions. 640x480 and upward.

is this a bug from div games studio 2 or from dosbox. does anyone have the same
sound issues ? (plz try tokenkai)
does tokenkai work on a real dos platform ?

My System:
Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit
Intel Core Quad 9300 @ 2.50 GHz
NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX

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tokenkai works nicely in dosbox 0.73 here.

I have finished the first level, and played the second one a bit.
The scatistics said i have played the first level for almost 5 miniutes.
Over 7 minutes on the second level. This game's demo has only two levels available so i have finished them all without any sound/music problems.

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Hardware: Celeron 2.8G, 1G ram
Software: Puppy Linux 1.9ce, Dosbox .73

Tokenkai seems to work just fine here. I'm not good at it though. I played for about 30 minutes with no issues. Dynamic core, auto cycles.

Maybe the problem only happens on Windows?

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It indeed works with core=dynamic

the only problematic setting is core=auto 😳

cycles settings doesn't matter

(btw - it is also important to notice that sfx are way silenter than music so it is easy not to notice sfx.)