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I don't have an MT-32,but I do have D-20,wich is also LA synth,and I was wondering if I can use it in some games.I can use it in Space Quest 4,and even on Sharp x68000 games (like Akumajo Dracula (Castlevania)) and it fully works,except for Sq4 because tone set is different than on MT-32.Oh and can someone please give me SQ4 timbre list so I could set up my D-20 to sound right.Maybe i will send some examples for ya,how well it sounds.

Sorry for my BIG mouth and bad english.

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I don't think it's helping to bump your topic twice a day and/or every day.

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I don't think you understand the concept of "bumping'. You only 'bump' a thread when it gets buried under other threads. As in, you 'bump' it to the top.

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You should do some recordings!

This is especially interesting because Roland has a product to turn a V-Synth or VariOS into a D-50 (Link: http://www.roland.com/products/en/VC-1/)

I am hoping that Roland will, one day, sell a decent MT-32 emulator as the real hardware will simply die one day...

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Sorry,I haven't made any update to this post for a longer time now.It's time to revive it!

Here is my playlist I recorded


Here is example of "Bloody Tears" from the game.I really don't know how Konami added these background "sweeps".It sends some SYSEX messages,but my D-20 can't understand them.It changes sounds in timbres for some music,so I had to make some adjustments before recording.


By the way,can you recommend me channel setup that it doesn't lose notes?And I wanna share something with you guys.I have made almost this entire set of GM compatible sounds.It sounds WAY better than Roland's.But as a note,synth pads aren't finished yet,there may be some duplicate sounds,I haven't made ocarina sound yet,still making polysynth sound and there are (almost) no SFX.You'll find out why it's better.