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So sometime ago I decided I needed a PC dedicated to old games.
The main motivation was playing relentless again with speech and cd music.
It is also my only AMD box as well. It seems a little fast for what I want some of the time but it works ok and can play relentless fine so it seems good enough. However I'm sure there is room for improvement.

Gigabyte GA-5AA
AMD K6-2 350Mhz
Nvidia TNT M64 32MB AGP
Soundblaster 128
Soundblaster 16
100mbps Network Card
20GB Quantum Fireball lct15
3½ Floppy Drive
5¼ Floppy Drive
ZIP Drive
AT Tower Case

Running: 98SE

I don't really need to use an ATX PSU as I have some spare AT PSUs now but I haven't swapped it over so I'm using the reset button as the power button.

The case has Paragon System on the front but dont know anything else about it.

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The board is a nice one. I got the ATX version (GA-5AX).
Depending on the revision of the Ali chipset it can cache either 128MB or 256MB (or more if more L2 cache is installed).

Your system is wanting a Voodoo or Voodoo 2 😁

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I noticed you still lack a DOS MIDI functionality in your box. A daughterboard on the SB16 should work fine, and they are plenty cheap on ebay.

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I would stay away from the SB16s due to the hanging note bug which I noticed immediately when I had my daughterboard paired with a Vibra 16C.
Some nice alternatives are Yamaha/Crystal chipset boards.

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Hmm well it looks like the Voodoo 2 does work I just didn't know it couldn't be used like other video cards.

So I changed the TNT2 to a 16MB version for some reason and added the Voodoo 2, replaced the PCI NIC with an ISA one and I found that I had a SB32 without additional memory so I installed that, although I would prefer an AWE32 I think, the SB32 can be used with all games that support SB16 right?

I'm not quite sure I like using a TNT2 and a Voodoo 2 right next to each other since the heatsink on the TNT2 does get a bit hot and the nVidia RIVA 128 and Matrox G200 that I tried didn't seem to like the board. Maybe an S3 Trio 3D/2X would be ok, I think the card I had was damaged though or something since the 3D was totally broken.