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I'm always looking for old video cards made by STB. I spotted this thing, on ebay. It's cheap, and might be of interest to a collector. I've never heard of the Falcon64 chipset. The date on the card says 1995.


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Sierra Semiconductor
Well known DAC maker. Entered graphics chips market, then got out of the business.
SC15064 Integrated DAC, fast bus interface. (Falcon/64)

VGADOC modelist
58h G 800 600 16color
59h G 1600 1200 16color
5Ah G 1280 1024 16color
5Bh G 1280 1024 256color
5Ch G 800 600 256color
5Dh G 1024 768 16color
5Eh G 1024 768 256color
5Fh G 640 480 256color
60h G 1600 1280 256color
69h G 640 480 16Mcolor
6Eh G 640 480 32Kcolor
6Fh G 800 600 32Kcolor
70h G 800 600 16Mcolor
71h G 1024 768 32Kcolor
73h G 1024 768 16Mcolor
75h G 1280 1024 32Kcolor

No hint of it having 2D acceleration so far.


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I would expect it probably does have 2D acceleration of some sort. How good it is, I dunno, but by 1995 2D acceleration was pretty much a standard feature, so I really can't conceive of it not having the capability... hell, even the Trident chipsets had acceleration by then.

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Well maybe it's special in being one of the worst video chipsets available for the PCI bus? 😜

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Y'know, I've had a random thought bouncing around in the back of my mind. At one point, I had a Techworks VLB card with some weird video chip on it. And I'm thinking, it may have been the Falcon64... Sierra Semiconductor rings a bell there, and some Googling shows that Techworks did make a VLB card with the Falcon64.

Now, the reason I remember the thing at all is because of what a f__king PITA it was. I remember it being quite fast in both Win31 and DOS... when it worked. But I also remember screen corruption, random issues with a good many DOS games, and the fact that I could never get it to work in Win95.

So if that is indeed what I had, it would go a long way toward explaining why nobody's ever heard of the Falcon64 chipset, and why Sierra Semiconductor disappeared from the graphics card business.

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Actually, if shipping from Canada wasn't so expensive, I probably would buy it just to screw around with... even if it sucks, it'd be something interesting for the collection.

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Does anybody have Win9x drivers for this card?

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kolmio wrote on 2023-11-21, 13:09:

Does anybody have Win9x drivers for this card?



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Nie tylko, jak widzicie, w tym trudność, że nie zdołacie wejść na moją górę, lecz i w tym, że ja do was cały zejść nie mogę, gdyż schodząc, gubię po drodze to, co miałem donieść.