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Getting "Doom Collector's Edition" (PC) to work on Windows XP/DOSBox

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First post, by happy37

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Hello everyone - complete DOSBox newbie here, as well as first time post.

Can someone please kindly point me in the right direction to get the above title working in DOSBox 0.74 running on Windows XP?

I have installed DOSBox as per the default installation instructions, as well as installing "Doom Collector's Edition" in the default location/folders.

When I tried to run the game by using the instructions here:-


I get 2 messages:-


"this is a windows NT windowed executable" or...

"this program cannot be run in dos mode"

What am I doing wrong? - can anyone correct me, please?

Many thanks.



Reply 2 of 7, by happy37

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Many thanks DosFreak for your prompt reply.

I understand you now - so, nothing can be done to get this title up and running under DOSBox as it just won't work/can't be done!?

Is there any other utility available that would enable me to run this title with all of the sound effects as per/like the original DOS version of Doom/Doom II?

Please kindly advise?

Thanks again.



Reply 3 of 7, by DosFreak

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Well I don't have the "Doom Collector's Edition". Only the original releases.

I'm assuming the collector's edition probably packages the old games in a Windows installer.

If so you simply install the game on your computer as you would any other game and then play it.

If you have difficulty playing the games on your computer then look into use a sourceport like doomsday: http://dengine.net/

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Reply 5 of 7, by doomer

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Here is what you can do to get it running in dosbox. I posted this quite some time ago but it should still work. 😀

In fact there is a way of getting a DOS version of the Doom Collector's edition. I happen to have this version and it is not that crappy. All you need to do is download doom 1.9 shareware from <ftp.idsoftware.com>, then copy your original .wad file from the collector's cdrom, then download doom 1.9 patch again from <ftp.idsoftware.com>. Then run the patch and you will have doom and doom2, and final doom dos versions which you will patch each in its separate directory. The only thing missing is final doom setup.exe (which shows final doom in the setup menu title) but you can still live without it.

Anyway, you could always try a newer port like zdoom or zdaemon (for online play) which are quite close to the original (with some exceptions). But I also have the original doom games patched in the above manner which I use on dosbox.

Also make sure that

No, you need to apply patch 1.9 after you swap doom2.wad or doom.wad with the shareware wad, otherwise it will not work. You also need to use the 1.9 shareware version found on ftp.idsoftware.com (just like the patch). If you apply patch 1.9, it turns into a registered version and works fine.

As additional information the doom 1.9 shareware file is called doom19s.zip and the update is 19_udpat.exe located at <ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/doom/>. Hope it works for you as well.

Reply 6 of 7, by jmrydholm

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You can also use your .wad files off the CD with Team TNT's source port "Boom" to run it in DosBox or even a real Dos computer. I still love playing with their own engine. 😀 It's the closest thing to the original floppies. (Mine got corrupted)

Should be right at the top of Doomworld's page here:
http://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/ports/in … .php?platform=1

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Reply 7 of 7, by Good Ol' TarviS

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If you want a perfect port of the DOS version of Doom in Windows, use ChocolateDoom.

Here's a run-down of the other ports available:

PrBoom - Windows port of Boom. Boom features include bugfixes and many engine limits removed, many user levelsets require Boom or better

Note: All further ports use Boom's limit-removing capabilities, so if you like one of these better you can still use it.

ZDoom - One of the most moddable Doom ports around
GZDoom - OpenGL implementation of ZDoom, has a few more features
Eternity - Another very moddable Doom port
EDGE - Discontinued mod-friendly Doom port

It's good to keep all three around so you can use mods designed for each port.

JDoom/Doomsday - Doom port focused on fancier graphics

ZDaemon - Most played multiplayer port, based on an old version of ZDoom. More competitive playerbase than Skulltag
Skulltag - Multiplayer port that stays up-to-date with ZDoom and GZDoom allowing use of all of ZDoom's modding features in multiplayer
Odamex - Fledgeling multiplayer port much akin to ZDaemon, however runs on more platforms and is updated requently