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Hey everyone,

The nHancer fix for Anachronox doesn't work for me because nHancer won't start with my drivers, but I managed to find a new fix for my system, and decided to post it here 'cause it might be useful for someone else.

My system is: Windows 7 32bit, Geforce 8600 GT, driver version 266.58 and Anachronox 1.02 build 46.

It's very simple: install nVidia Inspector and add your "anox.exe" to the "Quake 2" profile. To access profiles, click the small "tools" button that appears besides your driver version on Inspector.

Runs without a glitch! Hope it helps.

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Or you can use my Anachronox Patch set found here:

http://www.gamefront.com/files/15856631/Anach … Patches_3_0_rar

The new versions of Nhancer no longer support Anachronox.

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