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Hello there, I have a problem with need for speed SE. I used SVGA_ET4000 in the dosbox config and used UNIVBE to allow the game to run in the right resolution and to allow video to be run. The mouse, however play itself and select/change option without me moving it. It do not happen If I use the default dosbox option without UNIVBE (but The video in this mode glitch out and crash the game

Thanks for help

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The problem with the movies in NFS SE is that the game will use VESA hi-color 320xNNN resolution modes if they are available, but the movies look messed up in those modes. Using machine=svga_et4000 with a VESA driver will prevent the problem because the hi-color modes aren't available, so the game falls back on using a tweaked VGA mode instead.

The attached program launches NFS SE and stops it from using the hi-color modes, so the movies aren't messed up with the default machine=svga_s3 setting in DOSBox; no VESA drivers are needed. Put the program in the game folder and run it instead of the NFS executable.


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