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Hello, everyone:

After applying a fix for this program (missing music: Frederik Pohl's Gateway bug reported and solved), I have decided that I want to make the SoftMPU program to work with Windows 3.1 and higher in a command prompt window/full screen. I copied the midi_win32.h and midi_oss.h files from the DOSBox source directory to the SRC directory for the SoftMPU program, and when I run the program in Windows 3.1, it gives me this error:

! Error: EMM386 4.46+ or QEMM 7.03+ is not available

I have EMM386 running in DOS, but Windows 3.1 doesn't want to play ball. Am I doing something wrong?

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No, SoftMPU doesn't support Windows.

According to Bob Smith (formerly of Qualitas) the EMM386 port trap functionality doesn't work in Windows. The text file with the results of his tests is called iotrap.txt and is floating around the net, although I can't locate it right now. SoftMPU also does other Windows-unfriendly things (like reprogramming the RTC).

When Windows 3.1 or 9x loads it notifies EMM386, the EMM386 identification values change and SoftMPU won't recognise it.

It should be possible to implement SoftMPU as a Windows VxD, but as SoftMPU is targeted at DOS games I don't really see the point.

EDIT: IOTrap.zip was available here: http://programmersheaven.com/discussion/37601 … lize-i-o-in-dos
But it looks like since Programmer's Heaven updated their interface the attachment has been removed 😠

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As I have Windows 3.11 or WIn9x installed on all my retro computers, Windows support for SoftMPU would be a nice addition if it were possible 😀

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