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I couldn't help but to advocate DOSBox for games that work exceptionally well with it. TR1 is one of them. The only downside is someone will have to learn to build it until 3Dfx glide pass-through and voodoo1 emulation are upstream into main line code. Once someone get passed that hurdle, the experience of getting DOS/Win9x games playing is far more pleasant than maintaining retro gaming machines. Yes, DOSBox did it, it made me ditched my Win9x/DOS box many years ago prior to even any form of 3Dfx support being available. I admit that the idea was always there to revive the machine to be able to replay the games in nostalgia. Now, with 3Dfx support, I will never look back, I just need to keep update my main desktop rig with modern CPU/GPU that I can afford.

And, with DOSBox, I can even play without Windows. I envision myself that one day I may completely migrate into Ubuntu as I am starting to love this wonderful free OS. When that time has come, I can rest be assured that DOSBox will remain and refresh my memory of past PC games.

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Did you ever find a glide2x.ovl file of appropriate version which allowed you to play TR1 with a Voodoo3 such that pressing the ESC key did not cause a hang up? I am having the same problem, however it only occurs with TR1, not TR Unfinished Business.

EDIT: It seems you must copy the glide2x.ovl file to the games directory which is the same as what is in your Windows directory. Version 1.03-DX6 of the Voodoo3 driver seems to work fine with the Voodoo Rush patch.

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For TR not to freeze when accessing the inventory, I have an entry in my config.sys with no EMS, only XMS (i.e. only himem.sys, no emm386.exe).
Got it from Philscomputerlab: "A note regarding MS-DOS mode. I observed that when EMS memory is configured the game will crash when accessing the inventory. Loading MS-DOS mode with XMS memory addresses this issue." - https://www.philscomputerlab.com/tomb-raider.html