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Seems some people had trouble running DaggerFall on windows XP, so here goes:
I use the latest official patch version of Daggerfall with a nocd, and the latest vdmsound with the latest vdmsound launchpad shell extension.

So here goes, I use the following settings:
EMS enabled
MIDI emulation with General Midi (GM) or GS
No Joystick Emulation.

Both EMS and XMS 16384 KB
Enable DPMI support (DOSX)
No VESA, no MSCDEX, and no low level network support.

Cap DOS timer frequency
NO try to reduce CPU usage
DMA Servicing 5 / 15

MIDI MPU-401 emulation
port:330 IRQ:2
Device I use my SB Live! Synt A (MIDI)

No Adlib

SoundBlaster Emulation
IRZ: 7
DMA: 1 & 5
DSP Ver: 4.05 (SB 16)
Output Dev: I use SB Live! Audio (Wave)
Buffer: 75 ms

My Specs are nForce2 mobo, Athlon TB 1.33 Ghz and 768Mb DDR-233 Ram.

AGP 4x Geforce 3-128Mb graphics card, and a soundblaster Live! bulk sound card.

The game runs with perfectly smooth framerate, stereo sound and perfect midi music, just like in the good old days.

Hope someone else can confirm this, as I've seen many posters having problems.
//Bad Maniac