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Just a tip for those who are interested. Back in my DOS days I used to use QuickMenu III as my GUI to launch games. It still works great in DOSbox as well. So if you want a nice GUI that blends great with DOSbox take a look here:

My Main Menu

The Adventure Games menu.

You can download QM3 here. Thanks Archive.org!

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what machine do i need for this ? XT/AT-Class EGA/VGA ?


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Talk about bringing a post back from the dead. :-p

QM3.1 should run on just about any system, XT and above. Though, it really needs at least a 286 to perform well. It supports many graphics modes from Hercules up to VGA.

* IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/1, PS/2, 286, 386, 486, Pentium™-based, or 100% compatible computer
* CGA, EGA, VGA, Hercules monochrome, or compatible graphics card and monitor
* 512K minimum system RAM. EMS, XMS and virtual Disk memory are also supported
* MS DOS versions 3.1 (or higher)

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Hi I just started using DosBox. I have used QM3 since it was first released! All my computers at work use it to select program to load into tandy deskmate telcom to then send to the CNC machine. We have been using these program on a HURCO, HASS, KITMUR, and MORI for years. I have been trying to set it up in DosBox. I have so far been able to get it to work except My Tandy program won't write to it's cfg file? It's there but it keeps asking me to put a disk in the drive, this not unusual for Tandy. Any ideals as to what I Need to do to show it how to find itself.

I did set up a path command hoping it would find the cfg file.