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Any ports/utilities for running Blood and Blood2 in direct3d or Opengl?

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First post, by raptor96

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In this case I am also looking for a utility that enhances the interface and graphics for these games mentioned above, as doomsday does for doom. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Reply 2 of 9, by Zebius

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JonoF's port is available for Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior only. AFAIK there is no working port for Blood. WinBlood project is dead and Transfusion project devolopes very slowly. It looks that nobody is going to release source code for this game. There was lot of talking about on the internet.

Anyway you can try Glidos or dgvoodoo to get hardware acceleration (texture filtering) in Blood (3dfx patch is required). Glidos looks much better with Blood.

Reply 3 of 9, by DosFreak

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Ways to play Blood in Windows.....

1. Play the game in Windows NTVDM.
Terrible sound quality, (Yes, even with VDMSound)
VSync turned offf (May require NOLFBLIM)
Game tries to use the LFB so NOLFB is require (Included with NOLFBLIM)
Video card may not allow access to certain video modes (Requires vgafix)
May have issues with network games (Never tries a DOS network game in Windows XP without emulation....)

2. Microsoft Virtual PC
Sound quality is terrible

3. DosBox
Sound quality is great but since game runs so slow it will have audio problems.
Speed will be very slow (Less than 12fps on an Athlon XP 2800+ and dips below even that).
Game will run perfect fine @ resolutions below 640x480 or with detail levels modified.

4. Real DOS/Windows 9x command prompt
Runs fine!
May experience issues with no sound drivers for DOS so only solution is to play the game in Windows (assuming your Windows drivers support SB sound emulation)
Video may also be messed up depending on Windows drivers but this is very rare.

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Reply 8 of 9, by dr.zeissler

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do you think that is better to open a new thread and ask for it?
perhaps my research with google has not marked the opengl-port I search for, but it's is always there.

In my opinion it's always better to "warm up" an old one.

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There is BloodCM (formerly BloodTC) for eDuke32. It fully supports the first two episodes, and partially the third and the fourth.

The problem with bumping an old thread is that anyone reading it now will be exposed to a lot of outdated and irrelevant information. In most cases it's better to open a new one.

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