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Hi, I loaded dosbox to try to run an obsolete DOS application that requires EMS (my XP box will not support EMS - no free UMBs). Dosbox loads and runs the application well - kudos and thanks to the designer(s). However, I have one small problem - the application has functions that attempt to load a secondary command processor to run batch files, and whenever it does so, dosbox terminates unexpectedly. I did a bit of testing and notices that while you can load a secondary command processor from within the application (and get the dosbox shell), if you type "exit", dosbox terminates - the command processor, when exiting, terminates dosbox instead of returning to the invoking program. Just wondering if this is a simple thing to fix .....


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Hmmm, doing a few quick tests on 0.62 and it seems to behave as expected for me--I type "command" and then I have to type "exit" twice to exit dosbox. command /c also seems to work appropriately. command /p doesn't work--i.e. it behaves just like command. You might have to post the script.

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Anonymous wrote:

Intead of typing "exit" from the second lvl shell try typing "cd.." that will take you to the previous shell. Hope this works for you!

This is a complete nonsense. CD .. returns you just to a previous level in a directory hierarchy.

EXIT from DOS shell works ok in my tests. I have tried starting Turbo Pascal 7, starting DOS shell from it and exiting it by EXIT. no problem at all...
But maybe there is a bug in processing of BAT files - I did not test running a BAT file in a secondary shell.