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DOSBox 0.62 runs fine in a small window, but when I press Alt-Enter to go to full screen mode, I get a "Sync. Out of Range" message on my monitor. This is only happening on my new Dell computer, and not on my old PIII. Both computers were (at different times) connected to the same Samsung SyncMaster 955DF monitor. Both computers run Win XP SP2. Both at 1024x768 resolution. Both with 16 colors and a 75 Hz refresh rate. Both have 256MB of RAM. Neither are using any of the "Windows Compatibility" features (like 256 colors). The Dell has the Intel onboard video with 23MB of RAM reserved for video, and the PIII has an ATI Xpert99 video card with 8MB of RAM.

Does anybody have any suggestions. I was really looking forward to trying DOSBox on my new computer.

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MS Knowledge Base. Specifically, try changing the refresh rate under DirectX. I'd also check to make sure your monitor drivers are either "Plug and Play Monitor" or match your monitor (Samsung's website isn't cooperating with me right now so I can't direct-link you).

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I have this screen settings in DOSBox config. You can put in fullresolution line your desktop resolution, then you should have in DOSBox fullscreen the same refresh rate as you have in desktop.