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Destruction Derby 2 Network problem under WinXP/7

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Hello guys,

I'm desperatly trying to find a solution to make Destruction Derby 2 network edition work on WinNT, since it's still a great arcade game to play on LAN/Internet.

Maybe you're not aware about it : there is an official patch (at beta state) adding network functionality to the Win32 version of the game.

If DXGL is a big help to make the game work properly on Win7 32/64-bit (even for dd2h.exe), trying to make the net game work is a huge frustration since it will never launch the race after entering the lobby... 😢
In fact, everything is working fine until entering the lobby (I tried with TCP/IP protocol and IPX, thanks to IPXWrapper), connection is okay, chat is working, but it is impossible to start the race. The F1 key needs to be pressed to launch the race on the server, but it has no effect.



I tried many things, SHIFT+F1, ALT+F1, CTRL+F1, all other keys, kill all other softs, bind F1 to a paddle button, or association of keys on the keyboard with several apps, nothing. It seems F1 keystroke is detected, since it has an effect on the main menu, but game does not "jump" to the begining of the race from the lobby.
I'm running the game with the original CD on two PCs, one running WinXP, the other running Win7 64-bit : same problem on both.

I've tested under Win98, using a virtual PC (the race can be launched even with only 1 player in multplayer) : it works perfectly 😵

Any idea ?
Thx in advance.