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Hi Does anyone know what this error msg means?
"Error: Not enough strings in text file - expecting 555, found 0"

I just got Descent to work when I started it up again, I got this.

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yeah. It sometimes shows up. It's an unnecessary file. Do what WD said and Descent will work prefectly fine. Not sure what's causing it.
(I have an Original Descent 1 install CD thanks to some guys back in 95 that provided full versions of several DOS programs in one of their DEMO cds in their magazines.)

The file is like descent.tex. Delete it and it should be just fine.


I Found it only happens in DYNAMIC mode.
If you switch to NORMAL mode and DELETE the DESCENT.TEX file it never gets created again.
If you switch to DYNAMIC Mode it gets created on load up and then causes the above error message and won't let you run DESCENT in Normal or Dynamic Mode until you Delete DESCENT.TEX.
Not sure why.
Anybody have any more thoughts on why?


Seems to be an issue with the DOS4/GW that was shipped and linked to DESCENTR.EXE
When I replaced the stub with DOS32A.EXE with the SB replacement tool provided I could run DESCENT 1 in DYNAMIC Mode and it ran extremely smooth. 😀


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